Love in the Kitchen

The year was 1996 when she walked into my life she is a free spirted women loves life and the great outdoors. She loves to cook with classical traning from the French Culinary Institution New York. As we were young up amd coming in a career I belive we pushed each other maybe for the right reason or for the wrong. You cant allways chase each other’s dreams.

It has been years since I have heard or seen from her to many to remember. She use to make me hot in the Kitchen I think it was on purpose? Though now I am not to sure how hot she can make me in the kitchen; now were all grown up. I have not changed all to much I miss her dearley still keeping dreams alive. She is special in everyway and she can sometimes can be seen running naked through the mountains of Montana so I have heard. She has allways remained a mystery to me still love her all the same. What we truly have in common is the Love for Food and all that life has to offer I’ll being seing you soon! Love in the Kitchen…

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