As we have seen in everyday life on a global level there is on going threat right here and right now. There are people among as I write this article putting contaminated product on grocery store shelves. Its scary and it real my life and the lives of others are in danger. Something has to be done!

Psychochemical warfare

Psychochemical warfare involves the use of psychopharmacological agents (mind-altering drugs or chemicals) with the intention of incapacitating an adversary through the temporary induction of hallucinations or delirium.[1][2] These agents have generally been considered chemical weapons and, more narrowly, constitute a specific type of incapacitating agent. Although never developed into an effective weapons system, psychochemical warfare theory and research — along with overlapping mind control drug research — was secretly pursued in the mid-20th century by the US military and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the context of the Cold War. These research programs were ended when they came to light and generated controversy in the 1970s. The degree to which the Soviet Uniondeveloped or deployed similar agents during the same period remains largely unknown.

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