The Diet

The evolutionarily ladder in todays diet trends. The on going debate Paleo, Medterrian etc. Which diet is better for you? Not in expert but I say eating healthy is a great start! So why not implement all of these diets into your healthy living recipes.

Paleo we have to cut out dairy back to the stone ages. Heart healthy Medterrian smaller portion, proteins. And now with the use of more probotics its a about finding a balance of flavor in todays diet trends. Healthy dieting that taste great makes us want to eat more. And what it all comes down to is sticking to it who dosent love a cheeseburger.

Mostly people diet only to lose weight and to keep it off. We sign up for gym membership but never have time to get there. If eat healthy foods with great flavor helps with weight loss gives us lots of energy and helps fight heart disease, cancer, diebits, who could ask for more. So with all we have talked about in this silent debate, great recipes with all of the above in the new evolutionarily ladder.

Sin City Life Media Recipe and Ideas

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