Summer Nights Recipe and Ideas The Late Night Craving

So you have had a long and you haven’t been sleeping to well. Thoes late night cravings keeping you up all night? Well I know the feeling, they also say its not good to eat late and that it is bad for you.

So how about this late night cravings recipe. Save desert for latter but not to late! Maybe in hour or so lets say hour & 1/2. In a recent article and another late night craving idea the use of bananas with natural melatonin.

Well now I have few more ingredients to add to the list walnuts, almonds, and milk its in the ice cream with natural tryptophan to help you sleep better. Just don’t tell your doctor he may not approve!

Almonds and walnuts are a great source of melatonin and the sleep-promoting mineral magnesium, two properties that make them a great food to eat before bed about a handful is ok.

Ice Cream Bowl


2 scoops Breyer’s no surgar added vanilla ice cream.

1/2 cup mixed nuts walnuts and almonds

1 banana


Add two scoops of ice cream to your favorite bowl and finish with mixed nuts and sliced bananas.

Happy National Ice Cream Month!!

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