Chared Flank Steak Sandwich Pickled Red Onion Wood Ear Mushroom

The Evolutionarily Diet

A modern play with contemporary technique. Too marinate the steak we will be using a vacuum sealer as if we were preparing to sous vide. We just want to infuze flavor and all thoes healthy antibiotic.. Love and food, add any other healthy ingredients you like be creative!

Sin City Life Media Evolutionary Diet


3 oz. Flank steak

Mixed fresh herbs basil, thyme, rosemary, tarragon, cilantro, choped fine using a sprig of each

1 Clove garlic crushed

1 Tablespoon of California olive oil

1 Teaspoon salt & pepper

1/2 Head of butter lettuce seperated

1 Tablespoon pickled onion

1 small wood ear mushroom grilled and sliced


Take the above ingredients flank steak, mixed fresh herbs, crushed garlic, olive oil and rub the steak. Vacum seal and alow to sit over night refrigerated.

Season steak and mushrooms with salt and pepper and grill to desired temp. Slice flank steak, mushroom and add to lettuce with pickled onion place another piece of lettuce on top and serve when ready.

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