Love Life

Dear Love Life,

Hi, my name is Anonymous and Control is where I am left standing the women I am in love with has it all. A power over me and everything I do! I know that it is love and a loss of control. She is beautiful, smart, funny, unbelievable figure. I can not lie to her, I have given in and at a lost for words. World is spinning out of control, can’t eat, sleep or just about live without her control freak!

Dear Anonmoyous,

Perfect in every way given into temptation are we ever in control? Loss for words there to help you find them. Desire her to the brink of death. You world turned upside down head over hills in love. What ever are you to do absolutely nothing! Great love only comes once as I have said before. Lose all control where is love going take you just maybe around the world. Love Life out of Control…

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