For Better or Worse

Taking a chance, sometimes it’s what it all about. Did I tell you about the time I meet my Wife? Or how about are first date and that all so familiar awkward moment at the bar? The last kiss the first kiss? Or what she was wearing the last time I saw her! Shiny Gold top black pants, Dressed for Sin City Nightlife. That’s right I am married which she may or may not know yet! As soon as I see her! It will be one of the first things I asked! And she will probably say when she see’s me? Why do I look so mad and she knows what I’m talking about! Its ok it’s a comprise,8192786_web1_xs-nightswim-on-may-1-2016-danny-mahoney-for-xs-las-vegas marriage for better or worse! Miss you, Love You, Bunny Kisses & Awkward moments!

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