The Worm Hole

Chapter Two

Once I make this jump I will lose radio contact. Command has made me aware of where we stand against the war on time and space. There were rumors we were on the outbreak of a total galaxy take over. As I make the jump I should lose the enemy gliders. It’s been a long a lonely battle. Only having command by my side. I am not sure what has happen to the other dog fighters? I cannot be the only one left to defend the galaxy from¬†tyranny.

It has long been said, different jump points throughout time, it stands still. Never really knowing what’s on the other side? Stepping into a new dimension has been often said. One last call to command, command this is dog fighter 4 do you read me? I repeat this dog fighter 4 do you read me? Time and date is set I will now make the jump!

I make the jump almost losing control! The fear begins to set in! What’s on the other side? Is it a new dimension? I see in opening in the worm hole! It has brought back to the beginning of the war! Battle Ships every where it’s a full on attack! Is this the beginning or the end? I see other dog fighters, I may be stuck in time? They found me, we just may when the war of time!




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